Guide to Online Estate Agents for 2019

The UK Online Estate Agent Review

How to Find the Best Estate Agent Online

Are you looking to sell your house and move to a new city? Do you want to get the maximum value for your house but not getting any good real estate agent? If yes, then you should search them online. There are numerous online estate agents that will help you get the best value for the house. But how will you know if the online estate agent is reliable or not? There are a few ways to find that out.

1. Fees to pay

There are two ways in which this might work. You will get online estate agents who charge a fixed amount of fees that you have to pay up front. Whether you sell the house through that agent or not, you will have to pay the fees to acquire their services. This can be slightly risky because the respective agent may not have the added incentive to try and negotiate the best price from the buyer. The second way is by working with agents that charge their fees once your house is sold. This fee may be slightly more than the previous one but there is a guarantee that you are going to sell the house to the best bidder.

The same is the case for buying a house also. If you are looking to buy a house, you may have to pay slightly more to the agent in order to get the best house within your budget.

2. Services offered

There is a difference in the type of service that the online estate agent may provide. You have to decide which service you want to choose. The fees for the service will vary accordingly. There are agents that will list your property in some of the best real estate websites to improve the chances of finding the buyer that is closest to matching the price that you want for your house. On the other hand, there are online agents that will help to find a good buyer, negotiate with the buyer regarding the value of the property, and also deal with the viewings. Naturally, the fees for the latter are more. You need to compare the services that the online estate agent is offering and then think of hiring the one you think is suitable for the job.

Estate Agents in the UK Selling Houses Online

3. Reviews from the previous clients

This is always one of the most important factors that help to find the ideal estate agent. You can check what the previous clients have to say regarding the service that the respective agent provides. It is not always wise to compare the agents according to the fees they charge for their services. You need to keep an eye on the overall functioning of the agent and if they are able to crack good deals for their clients.

Buying or selling a property involves a lot of time and effort. But you can get workload shared by an online estate agent so that you get a good value for the property that you are planning to buy or sell.

SOURCE: Griffin Online Estate Agents – the UK’s leading online residential estate agents.